BYTE Tech Solutions offers a comprehensive series of services across a broad spectrum of technologies, including client/server computing, mid-range computers and mainframes. Advancements in the field of Information Technology have been rapid over the past decade and even the most successful companies have been finding it difficult to adapt new technologies to maximize the returns from their businesses. The problem is compounded many fold for those companies that simply did not keep pace with the changing technology, and were left paying the price in the form of a poor growth and performance numbers.

BYTE Tech Solutions has designed its services to assist such companies which may require skilled professionals in developing and implementing technology based solutions that are state of the art in order to achieve their goals. BYTE Tech Solutions professionals have been chosen from among the best in the industry to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the most responsive manner possible.


Business Solutions

BYTE Tech Solutions is professional web of talented pool

We are group of professionals with 250 competent and committed Business Consultants and Technical Consultants with a fire in the belly attitude. Our expertise lies in- ERP (Technical and Functional), CRM, Data Warehousing, and Testing & Networking. We offer services in a variety of - software tools, enterprise platforms, Grid database and programming languages.

Our Technical Team and Business Consultants work together to optimize the right mix of technologies and business practices that address your specific business needs, and provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge seamlessly.

We maintain dynamically updated personnel inventory database of qualified consultants with a wide array of technology expertise. The professionals pass through rigorous testing evaluations and possess established credentials before being allowed on board with Radiant. You can be assured that the best talent pool is cherry picked to offer world class consultancy. WE offer you customized staffing solutions as per your requirements.

ERP and CRM Specialists
We provide expertise in Oracle/PeopleSoft/SAP through 100 certified specialists. You can take advantage of our technical expertise to assess, select, manage and implement enterprise application components. This ensures effective weaving of the technical solutions with the overall business strategy. Our consults aid in design, build, and implementations using Rapid Application Development standards and conventions. Besides, they facilitate knowledge transfer to your personnel and educate them about product-specific best practices. This practice enriches the job content of your internal consultants and results in greater organizational commitment by the employees.

Quality Assurance Specialists
For us at BYTE Tech, quality Assurance (QA) is the commitment of the firm to produce products and services that meet and even exceed the customer expectations. QA is an attitude and way of life with us. The QA Practice offers a wide array of software testing and quality assurance services. BYTE Tech quality assurance specialists evaluate and test new software programs to ensure that they are bug free and perform as per predetermined standards. Programs are evaluated against designer specifications and user requirements and are continuously validated.

Data Warehousing Specialists
As part of portfolio services we have data warehouse specialists who have a wealth of experience in technologies like
» Informatica
» Business Objects
» DataStage

Our specialists analyze
» Data sources and use them as input to your enterprise data warehouse.
» Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP for transition and acquisition of source data.

Other services include extraction, transformation and loading of source data.

e-commerce Specialists
We have a panel of e-commerce specialists who act as a consultative resource for projects requiring database design, E-commerce interfaces and application development. These specialists design, develop and modify E-commerce applications including complex database structures for EDI processes to your specifications using proven Rapid Application Development methodologies.





By using our services you will get following benefits immediately.


Very immediate services and solutions to your requirements.
Very strong technical expertise from programmer level to architect level.
Immediate and concrete solutions for your existing problem.
Latest technology with cost-effective and time saving.
Immediate replacement for your needs.
Definite and the best solutions for all types of your IT - issues.
Technical ideas can be given any time for your problems.